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Operation London

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Going about your day to day life, you’ve been both hoping this moment would come, but equally dreading it.

Agent Rose, your handler at MI-10 has reached out. MI-10, the newest branch of our Government’s secret service are responsible for solving deep mysteries, and you’re their newest recruit.

Three major events have happened across our capital in the last 24 hours and it’s not clear who is behind it. You’ll need to communicate with Agent White, who is on the ground in London right now, to restore power to city, reset the stock market and find our missing scientist.

You’ll then face the biggest task the department has faced to date. Find out who is responsible and stop them.

Buying Operation London for someone else to play? Use their name at checkout as this is the name Agent Rose will use throughout the game!

Buying Operation London for more than one group? You'll need to purchase each game in a separate order. The game uses the unique Order Number so each group will need a different Order Number.

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More information:

  • There are two levels to this game. The storyline is identical but have different difficulties of puzzles. You can choose from Newbie (3/10 difficulty) or Legend (8/10 difficulty).
  • Instant access - you'll be sent a code to access our bespoke game. You can play the game instantly or save it for another day.
  • No printer required.
  • Price is for one group to play. Can be played with people in other households via voice or video call. If multiple groups are playing then purchase further games in separate orders.
  • Duration of game is approximately 90 minutes to 2 hours
  • Comprehensive clues will ensure you can always progress
  • Can be played on a mobile, tablet, laptop or PC

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